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Dead Space Torrent 2008

Dead Space is set in 2508. Earth has experienced an extinction-level event, caused by the voracious and unsustainable use of resources. The remaining humans realized that the only way to obtain the resources to survive would be to search new planets for resources. That’s where the Concordance Extraction Corporation came in. In a moment of near performance, the CEC designed the ship that would ultimately save all of humanity: the USG Ishimura.

The USG Ishimura was a ship designed for the new practice of resource harvesting: Planetcracking. Ishimura’s job was to mine other planets for their rarest and most valuable resources to bring back to Earth. Although there were subsequent PlanetCrackers (there was now a small fleet), the Ishimura remained the iconic symbol of humanity’s will to survive, even after all these decades. Thanks to PlanetCracking, humanity was now thriving again and resources are abundant. At the time of the game, Ishimura has held 34 successful PlanetCracks and is now in the process of starting its 35th. However, the events that occurred during this planet crack are the events that threatened humanity’s very survival.

During the process of mining the planet Aegis VII, the USG Ishimura sends a distress signal to the Concordance Extraction Corporation (CEC). The CEC sends the USG Kellion to investigate. As the Kellion attempts to dock with the Ishimura, a malfunction occurs with the automatic docking procedure and the Kellion is severely damaged. However, the crew lands safely and sets off to find the Ishimura’s crew. It quickly becomes apparent that the Ishimura has been abandoned.

Upon entering the Flight Lounge, Isaac Clarke, the crew’s engineer, enters a separate room to access the Ishimura’s damage reports; As he does so, the flight lounge locks into quarantine and grotesque humanoids enter the lounge and attack the crew. Corporals Johnston and Chen are killed while the two survivors of the attack, Zach Hammond and Kendra Daniels flee, urging Isaac to run. The helpless Isaac is forced to run for his life through a hallway before escaping his pursuers through an elevator; He later manages to find a gun and make contact with Hammond and Kendra through a window. Hammond, realizing that many ship systems are failing, including the anti-steroid defenses, recognizes the threat posed by a nearby asteroid belt and sends Clarke throughout the ship to repair its major systems so they can live; He also promises to help Isaac find his girlfriend, Nicole Brennan, an Ishimura medical worker seen at the beginning of the game in a strange video received by Isaac; In fact, Clarke’s only reason for taking on this mission was to find out what happened to her. After restoring Ishimura’s tram system, Clarke returns to the Flight Lounge to repair the kellion, but before he can begin, the creatures attack the shuttle and it explodes, its debris falling to the bottom of the hangar bay.

Main features

Some positive points about Dead Space Torrent

  • Good weapons system
  • Amazing sound effects
  • Challenging artificial intelligence
  • Realistic object physics
  • Scary environments
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit required) Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300 (or equivalent) Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x (2GB VRAM) DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 3 GB available space

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