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Nioh Complete Edition Torrent Download PC

Nioh Complete Edition Torrent

Nioh Complete Edition Torrent begins with a voiceover from William describing Amrita, a mystical golden stone found in abundance in Japan that is sought by Queen Elizabeth I’s government to ensure victory over Spain in the Anglo-Spanish War. William was one of those hired by the queen to obtain Amrita but was later arrested to keep the Amrita secret. Held at the Tower of London in 1598, William begins with the help of his guardian Saint Spirit, a water spirit born from the prayers of his village that saved him from death when he was a boy and kept him from dying. William is confronted by Edward Kelley, who seeks Amrita from Japan.

After trying to kill William, Kelley uses her Ouroboros spirit to steal Saoirse and transports herself to Japan with William in pursuit. Landing in Japan in the 1600s, he fights Oni who are ravaging the area, receiving help from Hanzo Hattori to help find Kelley in exchange for fighting the Oni. On one of his first missions, William teams up with a nekomata, who tells him that the delicate balance between good and evil spirits has been disrupted by the past century of war in Japan. Possession of Nekomata allows him to understand Japanese.

William’s work against the Yōkai and the savior key figures earns him Ieyasu’s favor, while Mitsunari and his supporters align themselves with Kelley, hoping that Mitsunari can create a land not entirely ruled by the strong. William, however, soon learns from Okatsu that Ieyasu sacrificed many of his family in a ruthless bid for power, with Okatsu being one of Ieyasu’s illegitimate daughters who escaped by becoming a Kunoichi. Kelley continues to torment William, including posing as Tachibana Munoshige in an attempt to undermine Muneshige’s wife Ginchiyo, and resurrecting Oda Nobunaga’s wife Princess Nō as Yukionna.

Nioh Complete Edition Download PC

Later, Kelley drains a seal from Amrita, stopping the evil spirits from ravaging Kyoto, with William barely stopping the spirits with the help of Tenkai, his apprentice Fuku, and the Nekomata, who sacrifices himself to give the others time to restore the seal. A later encounter sees William saving Okatsu from Kelley’s control, later escaping with her when Ieyasu arrives and Kelley attacks, although William is initially distraught that Ieyasu is willing to let Okatsu die. But upon realizing that Ieyasu is secretly pained by his ruthless decisions and sacrifices, William finally chooses to continue helping him.

Events come to a head during the Battle of Sekigahara, where William faces the first ōtani Yoshitsugu – who uses Kelley’s alchemy to empower her weakened body – and Shima Sakon. With Sakon defeated and Mitsunari’s army routed through Ieyasu’s forces, Kelley convinces Mitsunari to allow a ritual to offer the lives of his 300 men to animate a Gashadokuro which William defeats with the help of Hattori and Tenkai. Ieyasu has William pursue Mitsunari, fighting him when Kelley transforms him into a Yōkai-hybrid before returning him to human form, resulting in his capture by Ieyasu and Tenkai’s forces being revealed as Akechi Mitsuhide.

Nioh Complete Edition Free Download PC

William chases Kelley to a hideout where he interrupts his attempts to resurrect Nobunaga, Kelley escapes while Nobunaga’s close friend, Yasuke, duels William, who defeats him. William heads to confront Kelley at Nobunaga’s rebuilt castle, being subdued by Nobunaga’s resurrected form before Nobunaga rebels against Kelley’s control. Cornered and defeated, Kelley uses Ouroboros and Saoirse’s energy to resurrect Yamata no Orochi. William defeats him and later learns from the dying Kelley that he was gathering Amrita to be sent back to England to his master John Dee.

Having recovered Saoirse, William decides to disappear, allowing Hattori to avoid killing him on Ieyasu’s orders and denounce him. This sad Okatsu, who started to take care of him and found him different from other samurai. After Mitsunari’s execution, Ieyasu establishes his family’s rule, setting the Edo period in motion as an era ruled by humans and hiding the truth of Yōkai and William’s involvement. Hanzo is convinced that William is dead, but as he and Okatsu leave, Ieyasu is revealed to be not only aware of William’s survival but also secretly pleased with the outcome.

Key Features

  • Sword Mastery: Nioh features a nuanced and demanding combat system that emphasizes precise timing, positioning, and weapon mastery. Master various stances, attacks, and dodges to outmaneuver and defeat your foes.
  • Ki Pulse System: Manage your Ki (stamina) wisely. Timely button presses after attacks or dodges replenish Ki, allowing you to unleash devastating combos and special abilities.
  • Yokai Encounters: Face off against fearsome Yokai, monstrous creatures from Japanese folklore. Learn their attack patterns, exploit weaknesses, and utilize powerful Yokai abilities you can acquire by defeating them.
  • Loot and Gear Up: Nioh boasts a robust loot system. Slay enemies and collect a vast array of weapons, armor, and equipment. Each piece offers unique stats and special effects, allowing you to customize your build to suit your playstyle.
  • Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic: Supplement your samurai skills with the mystical arts of Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic. Utilize throwing stars, traps, and stealth maneuvers for a more tactical approach. Alternatively, wield elemental magic to unleash powerful spells on your enemies.
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit required) Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300 (or equivalent) Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x (2GB VRAM) DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 3 GB available space

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