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Payday 2 Torrent Ultimate Edition Download

Payday 2 is an action-packed four-player co-op shooter that once again allows players to sell the masks of the original Payday crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains – as they descend on Washington D.C. for an epic crime spree.

The Crimenet Network offers a huge variety of dynamic contracts, and players are free to choose anything from small hit or convenience store hijackings, to major cyber crimes calls or emptying huge bank coffers for that epic payday. While you’re in DC, why not get involved in the local community and do some political errands?

Up to four friends co-op the hits, and as the team progresses, the jobs become bigger, better, and more rewarding . In addition to earning more money and becoming a legendary criminal comes a character creation and customization system that allows teams to build and customize their own weapons and equipment.

Key Features

  • Rob Banks, Get Paid – Players must choose their crew carefully, because when work falls through, they’ll need the right mix of skills by their side.
  • Crimenet – Dynamic contract database allows players to choose from available jobs, connecting with local contacts such as Vlad the Ukrainian, shadowy politician “The Elephant” and South American drug dealer Hector, all with your own agenda and best interests in mind.
  • Gunplay and payday mechanics on a new level – firing guns and zip-tying civilians have never felt so good.
  • Dynamic scenarios – no heist ever plays out the same way twice. Each scenario has random geometry or even rare events.
  • Choose your skills – As players progress, they can invest in any of five special skill trees: mentor, enforcer, ghost, technician, and fugitive . Each features a deep customization tree of skills and associated equipment to master, and they can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate Heister.
  • More masks than ever before – Day 2 features a mask system completely new, giving players the ability to create their own unique mask with a pattern and color of their choosing, resulting in millions of different combinations.
  • Weapons and modifications – a new arsenal for the serious Heister, covering everything from sniper and assault rifles to compact PDWs and SMGs. Once you settle on a favorite, you can modify it with optics, suppressors, forend grips, reticles, barrels, frames, stocks, and more, all of which will affect your weapon’s performance. There are also purely aesthetic enhancements – why not go to the dealer looking with polished nut claws for your nine?
  • Play your way – each job allows for multiple approaches, such as slow, stealthy ambushes or running in guns blazing on fire. Squeeze the target however you want, each approach will provide a different experience.
  • A long history of additional content – ​​over 70 updates since launch, including new strikes, characters, weapons and other gameplay features, how to drive cars and forklifts.
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit required) Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300 (or equivalent) Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x (2GB VRAM) DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 3 GB available space

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